We are the Graph Mining and Exploration at Scale (GEMS) lab at the University of Michigan, started in 2015 and led by Danai Koutra. Our team researches important data mining and machine learning problems involving interconnected data: in other words, graphs or networks.

From airline flights to traffic routing to neuronal interactions in the brain, graphs are ubiquitous in the real world. Their properties and complexities have long been studied in fields ranging from mathematics to the social sciences. However, many pressing problems involving graph data are still open. One well-known problem is scalability. With continual advances in data generation and storage capabilities, the size of graph datasets has dramatically increased, making scalable graph methods indispensible. Another is the changing nature of data. Real graphs are almost always dynamic, evolving over time. Finally, many important problems in the social and biological sciences involve analyzing not one but multiple networks.

So, what do we do?

The problems described above call for principled, practical, and highly scalable graph mining methods, both theoretical and application-oriented. As such, our work connects to fields like linear algebra, distributed systems, deep learning, and even neuroscience. Some of our ongoing projects include:

We’re grateful for funding from Adobe, Amazon, the Army Research Lab, the Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS), Microsoft Azure, NSF, and Trove.


If you’re interested in joining our group, send an email with your interests and CV to gemslab-opportunities@umich.edu.


September 2018
Welcome new PhDs!

August 2018
1 paper accepted to CIKM!

August 2018
New website

May 2018
1 paper accepted to KDD

May 2018
Grant for music + big data

April 2018
Danai awarded Adobe Digital Experience Research award

April 2018
Tara and Marlena awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

February 2018
Survey accepted at ACM Computing Surveys

February 2018
Paper on graph summarization accepted at SNAM

January 2018
1 paper accepted at PAKDD

December 2017
1 paper accepted at SDM

November 2017
ICDM 2017 best paper nomination

November 2017
Danai has a book!

August 2017
Danai awarded an NSF EAGER grant

August 2017
Danai awarded a Trove grant

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