Danai Koutra

Assistant Professor
Email: dkoutra@umich.edu
Interests: Graphs, data mining, Skylo


Affiliate Miner
Email: howl@no-bark.com
Interests: Food, sleeping, Danai


Fatemeh Vahedian

PostDoc since 2020
Interests: Heterogeneous Networks, Dynamic Networks, Deep Learning Explanation, Recommender Systems


Caleb Belth

PhD student since 2018
Awards: NSF graduate research fellowship 2020-2023
Interests: Language acquisition, learning with sparse data, information theory

Di Jin

PhD student since 2016
Interests: Representation learning, graph summarization, transfer learning, knowledge graphs and deep learning

Tara Safavi

PhD student since 2017
Awards: NSF graduate research fellowship 2018-2021, Google Women Techmakers scholarship
Interests: Knowledge graphs, representation learning

Puja Trivedi

PhD student since 2019
Interests: Multi-network analysis, deep learning

Yujun Yan

PhD student since 2017
Interests: Distributed graph methods, deep learning, interpretable graph mining

Jiong Zhu

PhD student since 2019
Interests: Graph convolutional networks, adversarial attacks on graphs, graph generative models

Jing Zhu

PhD student since 2021
Interests: Knowledge graphs, graph neural networks, representation learning

Donald Loveland

PhD student since 2021
Awards: Rackham Merit Fellowship
Interests: Representation learning, interpretability, robustness, and fairness in graph neural networks.

Masters and undergraduates

High School Students


  • Arya Farahi (Postdoc), Assistant Prof. at UT Austin

  • Marlena Duda (PhD), Postdoc at the Center for Translational Research in Neuroimaging and Data Science (TReNDS)

  • Mark Heimann (PhD), Postdoc at Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL)

  • Alican Buyukcakir (PhD)

  • Carol Xinyi Zheng (UG), Ph.D. student at CMU

  • Parmida Davarmanesh (UG), Ph.D. student at MIT

  • Xiyuan Chen (UG), M.S. student at Stanford

  • Farima Fatahi Bayat (UG), M.S. student at UM

  • Grae Abbott (UG), S/W Engineer at Donnelley Financial Solutions (DFIN)

  • Johnson Cai (UG), M.S. student in UM

  • Kuan-Yu Chen

  • Zhaojun Chen (MS), S/W Engineer at Microsoft

  • Maryam Davoodi, M.S. student at EMU, Ph.D. student at Purdue University

  • Abhilash Dighe, Google

  • Lukas Faber (visiting student), Ph.D. student at ETH Zurich

  • Jake Hage (UG), SUGS at UM

  • Zhiyuan He (UG), S/W Engineer at indeed.com (before - M.S. at UM)

  • Cole Hudson (high school student), undergraduate student at UM

  • Lisa Jin (UG), PhD student at University of Rochester

  • Mark Jin (UG), Senior Student, SJTU/UM

  • Brigid Johnson (UG UROP), Senior at UM

  • Aristotelis Leventidis (UG), PhD student at Northeastern University

  • Il Jae Lee (UG), S/W Engineer at Facebook

  • Wei Lee (MS), Applied Scientist at Amazon (before - Machine Learning Engineer at Trove)

  • Yike Liu (Ph.D. Physics, UM), Senior Data Scientist at Netflix

  • Jiayue Lu (UG)

  • Santosh Mohan (UG), ML Engineer at Apple (before - Amazon Web Services AI, Salesforce Research)

  • Chalse Okorom (UG UROP), Senior student at UM

  • Shengjie Pan (UG), S/W Development Engineer at AWS

  • Haoming Shen (MS), PhD student at University of Michigan (IOE)

  • Eric Solarz (UG), S/W Engineer at Chicago Trading Company

  • Mengqiu Teng (UG), M.S. in Computational Data Science (MCDS), CMU

  • Charles Wang (UG), S/W Engineer at Palantir

  • Harry Wang (UG), Senior at UM

  • Junhao Wang (UG), Researcher at MILA, M.S. at McGill University

  • Yi Wen (UG), M.S. in Stanford University

  • Fan Yang (UG), S/W Engineer at Google (before - M.S. at UM)

  • Xiaochen Yu (UG)

  • David Zhang (UG)

  • Hengjia Zhang (UG), M.S. student at UM

  • Zheng Zhing, M.S. student at UM